KORG Minilogue XD Custom Oscillator

Korg provides an open source SDK to develop custom oscillator for the Minilogue XD and Prologue MULTI ENGINE digital oscillator.

I developed "OPAL", a custom oscillator loosely based on physical modeling for a tutorial video on the XD. The video was released for the Italian distributor Algam Eko Srl.

This page contains materials related to its development.


The algorithm behind Opal is inspired by digital waveguide modeling. The exciter is based on filtered noise (SHAPE knob), blended with a periodic burst that can resemble pizzicato playing (ALT SHAPE knob). The resonator is composed by a series of interconnected strings that create several resonances. 

Several additional parameters are accessible from the Edit Menu, such as: filter type, filter Q, noise undersampling, main string damping, additional strings damping, additional strings length ratio. 


Get the custom oscillator here

Screenshot from 2021-06-25 15-22-57.png