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Networked Music Performance reloaded

I am at the 147th AES convention right now and I'm excited to see great recent developments in the audio networking field. But let me start from the beginning...

I was a PhD student when I built up two special networked music events using wireless technologies (IEEE 802.11) with pieces by K. Stockhausen and A. Curran. The "special" part of these was not from my side (terribly boring technical work), but the very idea of separating performers over a large space, the waterfront of the Ancona port, (thanks to Paolo F. Bragaglia for the concept) and the great musicianship of the performers. But after these pieces were performed all was gone: the academic community was not into the mood for networked music performance at the time. I ended up publishing a book for Springerbrief "Wireless Networked Music Performance" one year later while I moved to other research topics.

In the recent years audio networking has bloomed again (partly thanks to the AES67 standard). People are experiencing remote music production in their studios, researcher Luca Turchet is pushing the internet of musical things and networked music teaching has being discussed in several recent papers.

I've been very glad to meet two PhD students at the 147th AES convention in Dublin who are tackling issues with NMP and doing this over wireless networks too.

I encourage you to look for their works. You can find their papers below. I wish them good luck and hope to see more works from them in the future!

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