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MARS singing again after 20 years

The M.A.R.S. (Musical Audio Research Station), a DSP-powered workstation developed at the IRIS research center in the 1990s has been resurrected to its glory and started singing again!

This happened in a show of the Macchine Nostre collective, during a theater concert for the festival Font D'Art, near Ancona, Italy.

Here it is featured in a short free-impro sequence together with processed voices from old vinyls. Mr. Riccardo Pietroni is performing with the MARS using a random generative additive synthesis patch. He has to be credited for finding the hardware, restoring it and putting back in order and has, since, found lots of information that we still need to process carefully, to build a picture of the history behind this amazing tool.

I will be giving a keynote discussing historical and computer music aspects of this research workstation at the International CSound conference in September. Keep following!

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