ICSC 2019 - unpacking

I am back from the International CSound Conference, held in Cagli, Italy, on September 26-29 2019. Some days have passed, but I want to recollect some of the more vivid memories of this conference.

I should say, first, that the conference was great. The organization team was tight on schedules, well organized and lovely. Alessandro Petrolati and Laura Muncaciu have been amazing, Anthony di Furia was excellent with the technical supervision of the musical program and the rest of the team did a great job.

A picture with all the attendants at the end of ICSC 2019

I should also tell that the conference venue was a wonderful little theater with an amazing acoustics and a superb ceiling covered with paintings. Cagli is a small town, and the choice to host the event in such a place for an international conference may sound weird. Indeed, reaching the town may have been slightly harder than usual for attendants, but the result was great for everyone: the theater was on a small piazza, with a warm café, and a superb restaurant close by. The atmosphere was familiar and everyone had a great time. At the end it was sad to go by the theater foyer and say good-bye to everyone!

The presence of luminous teachers such as Richard Boulanger and Victor Lazzarini, was important to me. I appreciated a lot the enthusiasm of Dr. B. in giving his keynote, and the emotion in performing his piece, dedicated to a person passed away. It was great to discussing modular synthesizers and I was more than glad to show him the Eko Computerhythm, exposed at the foyer by Acusmatiq-MATME.

A small exhibition of Italian synthesizers was held in the foyer, and I had the occasion to speak to Victor Lazzarini about my research work, the salvaging of these rare instruments and the collection of documents and witnesses from the analog era.

With Eugenio Giordani, who leads the LEMS since 1981

My keynote was rather off-topic for the conference, but I think it was good for everyone to close the conference with a slight deviation from CSound. It was funny to give an overview of how a region of crops and farms turned since 1983 into an region of accordion, and later synth, manufacturer. I had pictures of the IRIS research center and the MARS workstation that had been recovered and shown to the public for the first time. I was enlightened to discuss all these things for a while after the keynote.

I'll always keep these memories in my mind.