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MDPI Special Issue on Deep Learning for Acoustics

I am honored to announce the following special issue on the MDPI Applied Sciences Journal (IF: 2.217): "Deep Learning for Applications in Acoustics: Modeling, Synthesis and Listening".

Papers will be published as soon as they are accepted and they will be open access, allowing novel research work to reach a broad audience in a timely fashion.

Topics may include:

  • Applications of Deep Learning to sound synthesis

  • Control and estimation problems in physical modeling

  • Intelligent music production and novel digital audio effects

  • Representation learning and/or transfer of musical composition and performance characteristics including, timbre, style and playing technique

  • Analysis and modelling of acoustic phenomena including musical acoustics, speech signals, room acoustics, environmental, ecological, medical and machine sounds

  • Machine listening and perception models inspired by human hearing

  • Application of Deep Learning to wave propagation problems in fluids and solids

The call for papers will be open until April 25th 2020.

Guest Editors:

Dr. Leonardo Gabrielli

Dr. George Fazekas

Dr. Juhan Nam

Further information:

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