Upcoming conference with Di Giugno!

I am pleased to announce a workshop which will be held on October 25th in Macerata, Italy with the support of AIMI and AES Italian Section, hosted by the Italian Synth Museum. The workshop will be devoted to the IRIS research center (I've described it during my recent keynote at ICSC), including the development of the MARS, a workstation for live electronics, music performance and signal processing. IRIS was founded by Bontempi-Farfisa, a large musical instrument manufacturer located in my region, Le Marche. It was led by Giuseppe di Giugno, who left IRCAM, Paris, in 1988 to continue on the development of a real-time system to follow his previous platform, the 4X.

Giuseppe di Giugno will be our guest, together with Sylviane Sapir, former researcher at IRIS and currently professor at the Verdi Conservatory in Milan. A number of former engineers at IRIS will be present for Q&A. Finally, Walter Prati, composer, performer and professor at the Conservatory in Como, will show how the MARS performs, hands-on.

Indeed, we'll have some old MARS workstations up and running, patiently restored by Riccardo Pietroni of the Acusmatiq-MATME organization. An entire room of the Synth Museum will host documents, material and hardware rescued from the abandoned Bontempi factory.

You'll find the flyer below. The event will be in Italian, but I hope to have time to transcribe the talks and translate to English.