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The Italian Synth Museum - 2nd Ed.

Ten days have passed since the end of the 2nd edition of the Italian Synth Museum and I'm still recollecting those beautiful memories and emotions. Everything was so fast, and a lot has happened in those three weekends. I will remember all those events that we hosted.

From the electronic beats of Duscio & Morello, to the affable interview with Gary Hurst, one of the earliest Beatles' technician.

From Patrizio Fariselli introductive talk-concert to the conference with Giuseppe di Giugno, one of the most respected researchers in computer music.

Friends, researchers, composers have come to visit us, even from abroad.

It was so great to host such an event, all the effort we put on this has payed us a lot in terms of joy and sharing.

The conference day was particularly moving for me. All those people I only knew from scientific papers and from the pictures we found in the abandoned Bontempi factory, were there, flash and bones. Sylviane Sapir's talk was extremely rich and there was a very positive vibe. The room was packed with people and everyone had questions and things to tell.

The IRIS team was composed by very skilled and positive people, and you can still tell. I will always carry with me this wonder, when they faced the MARS, in working conditions, after the concert.

(Need some background? Read here, or stay tuned for the ICSC2019 keynote paper that is going to be out soon)


Now, our vintage instruments are back to their homes, but they won't stand still! MacchineNostre will open the concert from The Orb this Saturday (link)

All in all, it was a splendid event and exhibition and I'm more and more convinced that we are doing the right thing, at the right time, for our legacy and for the future of our musical industry.

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