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Incoming talk on physical modelling

I am honored for being invited to a cycle of seminars hosted by Rome University La Sapienza in partnership with the Audio Engineering Society - Italian section.

I will discuss physical modelling with particular reference to the Rhodes electric piano. I will first cover some background on physical modelling and then I will provide details on vibroacoustics studies conducted in collaboration with another group of the Mechanical Engineering Dept. of my university. Finally I will describe how a novel physical model has been implemented as part of a new product based on an embedded DSP chip, the Viscount Legend70.

The talk will be in Italian and is titled: "The fork is on the table: analisi acustiche e implementazione di un modello fisico di piano elettrico Rhodes"

The other seminars in this cycle will be more oriented to Deep Learning and promise to be extremely interesting! The speakers are very established and the topics they will cover are all but trivial. Considering that "Deep Learning" is now an abused keyword and that a lot of works on this subject are just carbon-copy of other works, I'm glad to see that the Italian audio research community is expanding the field tracing novel paths. The flier is attached below.

Download PDF • 177KB