Networked Music Performances (NMP) have been promoted all around the world since the early 2000s, but the first wireless NMP has been developed and premiered only later, in 2014 in a unique performance across the sea, in Ancona, Italy. This was also part of my PhD work.



This book is published in the Springerbrief series of engineering books and presents a comprehensive overview of the state of the art in Networked Music Performance (NMP) with a historical survey of computer music networking. It introduces a technical framework for NMP, communication protocols and audio networking standards. Finally it develops a theoretical framework for wireless NMP and reports about the premiere performance "Waterfront", held in Ancona, Italy, in 2014 with musicians performing over the sea.



Later in 2015 a second wireless NMP was performed during the Acusmatiq festival, with an edited version of Maritime Rites by Alvin Curran, specifically designed for this occasion. The performers included sax, guitar and a small woodwind ensemble.


These performances have been never replicated, due to the large technical effort they require. I want to acknowledge all the people that provided support in this work: Adelmo de Santis, for technical advice and on-site support, by-then students Michele "Bisi" Bussolotto, Diego Droghini, Giacomo Ferroni, Giulio della Porta, Lorenzo Baronciani, the Acusmatiq festival team, and Mauro D'Addetta. The performers: Giampaolo Antongirolami, Enrico Francioni, Laura Muncaciu, Gianluca Gentili and Alessandro Petrolati for his Solo App. And finally, my big big friend Paolo Bragaglia, whose bold and visionary ideas have turned useless electronics into media for new vibrations. Pictures of the performances have been taken by Marco Bragaglia and Giacomo Ferroni.


Some people asked about the source code behind WeMUST. I will leave it here. It is mainly C (for the puredata externals) and Python (for the wemust GUI). It's kind of old, dirty and outdated, but it may be of use for somebody. Links to Netfind (puredata) and Wemust (python). The Debian image for the Beagleboard xM is heavy, but I can provide it under request.


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